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Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) serves as a framework for integrating a workflow engine into applications. The same framework can be used to coordinate information flow between multiple Web Services. This allows developers to create long-running Business Process using WF workflows and expose them as Web Services to be consumed by external applications. Doing this provides a complete environment that provides tracking, state management, transaction support, concurrency constructs, and rules support for expressing business constraints. The goal of this session is to show developers how you can use the WF to support SOA-enabled services. ... (more)

What Is Windows Workflow Foundation?

Most businesses require processes to function properly. There are different types of processes. Some processes are human-intensive, others machine-intensive, and the last type is a combination of the first two. Some examples of business processes are payroll, new product introductions, new employee hiring, etc. In most cases, these business processes require intervention from multiple entities and thus, are normally long running.  Workflow is one of the mechanisms used by businesses to express their business processes as a series of self-contained activities. Business Process Ma... (more)

URL ClassLoader

One of the primary reasons for the success of Java has been its robust dynamic class loading mechanism. The Java Virtual Machine ClassLoader is a mechanism that Java uses to load classes at runtime. Techniques to take advantage of Java's dynamic nature and the interactive nature of the Web usually create a spark of interest in the Java community. This article leads the reader through the development of a new Java ClassLoader mechanism that leverages the Web for downloading Java classes. It begins with an overview of the Java ClassLoader mechanism, followed by an examination of h... (more)

Java, XML and the Command Patter

This month's column shows the advantages of using Java and XML to implement the Command Pattern. It also provides a brief illustration of how this pattern can be used to implement transaction integrity via compensating actions. Patterns provide developers with reproducible solutions to common problems. The format for describing a pattern consists of a description of the problem, a brief description of the solution, the solution to the problem, good and bad consequences to the solution, and a list of related patterns. The Command Pattern is a behavioral pattern. Behavioral pattern... (more)

Interview...with Paul Mitchell - President of CodeMarket

CodeMarket is a global software development network where software developers and development managers can find and purchase freelance development work and ready-to-run Java components. It recently formed a partnership with ParaSoft, a provider of software error-prevention and error-detection solutions. ParaSoft's Jtest, a Java unit testing tool, will be the standard tool by which all components outsourced or purchased through CodeMarket will be tested. JDJ: While your partnership with ParaSoft seems like a step in the right direction, how do you ensure the richness of the requi... (more)